Posted by Josh at 6:02 pm on September 24, 2017 @Alpha_Rho_Rho

While we tend to make new costumes and chase new ideas, we do, on occasion, return to a beloved character or create alternate versions of a character (typically bunny or pool party versions). Previously there wasn't a way to distinguish between these variant versions of a costume and the standard version of the costume here on the website; they were all under the same character umbrella.  Now, however, variants CAN be distinguished!  If you go to a character with more than one variant (such as Maya) you can see a list of all of the variants at the top of the page.  Clicking on a specific variant will narrow down the description and images to only be relevant to that particular version of the character.  Likewise, the Events listings can now be more specific about which version of a character we wore on a particular day.

Beyond that change I also made it so the events pages and the character pages are in sync about character debuts and other appearances; previously that was something I just managed by hand (and had room for user error).  Now the character page will actually go through the event listings and figure it all out on its own.  While this won't mean much to people using the website, it does mean less upkeep for me.

As always, let me know if there's anything in particular you think this website could use and I'll more-than-likely take a crack at it.

Prints and props
Posted by Josh at 2:30 pm on August 21, 2017 @Alpha_Rho_Rho

Geekfest is over!  It was great getting to meet new people.  To anyone who is interested in Tori's panel topics (corsets and post-apocalyptic painting) the materials from her panels will be posted here on our website soon, so keep an eye out!  In other news all of the cosplay prints we had on sale at Geekfest are now available on our Etsy page.  The props that were on sale will also be up on our Etsy page soon.  This way you can have a piece of Cool By Proxy even if you don't want to buy an entire one of our costumes.

Edit: the props are now up on the Etsy page, along with a bunch of costumes!

CTC Geekfest
Posted by Josh at 2:33 pm on July 9, 2017 @Alpha_Rho_Rho

After discussing the possibility for years, we're finally getting a booth at CTC Geekfest in Killeen, TX! We'll be there all three days, selling prints of our cosplay as well as selling prints of Tori's amazing art. For more information on our first time getting a table at a convention check out the events page!

Post Con Productivity
Posted by Josh at 6:36 pm on September 7, 2016 @Alpha_Rho_Rho

Hey there folks!

Welcome to any new folks who we might have met for the first time at Dragon Con!  There's a lot of cool stuff to check out on our site, including tons of photos of all of the characters we've done, recaps of past conventions, tutorials for building some of our more complicated props and costumes, and so much more.

We just got back from Dragon Con (as in literally just finished the drive back from Atlanta).  In the coming days and weeks expect to see a lot of activity both here and our our various social media outlets (primarily Facebook - make sure you follow us!).  We'll be uploading pictures taken at the convention, writing tutorials, continuing the updates to the site that I was working on back in July, and otherwise creating cool content for you all to enjoy.  We'll also be actively accepting and working on commissions. All of that, however, will be AFTER we recover from Dragon Con and get over the inevitable con crud.

Website update!
Posted by Josh at 5:36 pm on July 16, 2016 @Alpha_Rho_Rho

Over the course of the past week+ I've been gradually updating the look of the website!  Apologies to anyone who might have visited and found it in a broken state - I really should set up a test server, but instead I work live.  Apart from the visual change there have been some changes to the back-end as well:

  • Switched from Galleria to Unite Gallery for all photo/video galleries.  It gives a cleaner look AND better user experience on mobile.
  • Revamped the Photographers page to be sexier.
  • Added search functionality!  It's far from perfect, but if you want to find every post that has ever mentioned a particular fandom or topic you can now do that.
  • Tutorials now get pulled to the front page for better exposure
  • Added share/tweet buttons to tutorials and blog posts
  • Set up a commissions page to make it quick and easy to see if we're currently accepting commissions and a form to request a commission
  • Sped up loading of images by building a MySQL backend for looking up images by tags or credit
  • Automatically pull video data from Youtube to make sure we're always showing the most up-to-date information
  • Add support for listing multiple costumes on a single day of an event (because when I set it up originally I didn't think we'd ever need that.  I was wrong).

So, yeah!  Lot's of changes.  I still have a list of stuff I would love to add, but I have to get back to working on Dragon Con costumes!  Maybe I'll get back to improving the site sometime in late September.

Welcome to Cool By Proxy Productions! We're a couple in and out of cosplay that makes incredible costumes and props in our free time.

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