Looking for an awesome costume piece made just for you?  You've come to the right place! 

Please read through the following guidelines and then use the form at the bottom of the page to get a quote:

  • Commission availability will depend on the types of commissions we end up taking. We are less likely to accept commissions with deadlines near any major conventions we might be attending, so be sure to check out our Events page to double check our schedule! We also reserve the right to choose which commissions we accept.
  • Please keep in mind that custom work takes time!  We need to thoroughly research and gather supplies for your piece, not to mention the time spent making the thing. Generally we like to have at 1-2 months (depending on the size and complexity of your piece) before your deadline to make sure you can get the best possible work from us! We are generally working on more than one commission at once, so we want to be sure that they all the get the time and dedication they require. Occasionally we will accept a commission with less time than that, but usually a rush fee will be applied (depending on our schedule/complexity of the item).
  • Custom listings can either go through  our etsy store or simply through a paypal invoice if you prefer.  A down payment of 50% of the estimated cost is required before ANY work will begin on big ticket items (anything over $100). For custom items under 100 (smaller items), we require the full cost up front.
  • We realize that people do have budgets for their costumes and we will do everything to take this into account, but please be aware that custom work tends to be expensive! You are getting a custom piece made from quality materials, please respect our time and artistry when considering your budget. Inquiries with unreasonable budgets will most likely be declined - the work simply isn't worth doing if we're not paying ourselves for it!
  • If you're here about a custom hoodie, the warden hoodies start at $345 and range from $345-375 depending on size and complexity. Other costume hoodies may be less depending on complexity. We are currently offering some limited sizes  on the warden through our etsy shop 
  • Please take a look through our costume portfolio to get a feel for what work we excel at.

We are *NOT* currently accepting commissions on the following:  spandex suits (patterning/sewing), complicated wigs, full armor builds

Slot availability: Currently open for 2018

Read through everything and still want to send in for inquiry? Awesome, please fill out the following form or e-mail us at with the same information.

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