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Origin: Original design

This (alongside the Nolan North Mash-Up) was one of our highest concept costumes to date.  That said, the concept is straightforward - build a costume that represents as many of the characters that Jennifer Hale has voice-acted as possible.  The full breakdown is as follows:

Piece Character Show/Video Game
Wig Killer Frost Batman: Assault on Arkham
Headband and Earrings Cinderella Multiple (Kingdom Hearts, Cinderella II, etc.)
Makeup Avatar Kyoshi Avatar: The Last Airbender
Right arm (cannon and armor) Samus Aran Metroid Prime
Left arm (omni-blade and armor) Commander Shepard Mass Effect
Vest Leah Diablo 3
Capelet Cremisius Aclassi Dragon Age: Inquisition
Necklace Jean Grey X-Men (2011)
Suit top Captain Marvel Disney Infinity
Suit bottom Star Sapphire Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Belt Satele Shan Star Wars: The Old Republic
Mace Hawkgirl Injustice: Gods Among Us
Right leg (armor) Sarah Palmer Halo
Skirt Aurora Kingdom Hearts
Right foot Kimiko Tohomiko Xiaolin Chronicles
Left foot Black Cat Spider-Man
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