PAX South 2017 in San Antonio, TX   1/27 - 1/29
Friday: The Silver Shroud Maya (Rapunzel)
Saturday: Casual McCree Casual Mercy
Sunday: Shade Captain Scarlett

Once again we drove down to San Antonio for PAX South!  The expo continues to pale in comparison to PAX East, but downtown San Antonio in January is a lot nicer than the deadzone around the BCEC in Boston in March/April.  They're also in the process of expanding the convention center in San Antonio, so it's getting bigger and nicer.  The result is a very comfortable convention with a lot of space to move around.

This convention was the first time Tori talked on a panel!  We were up early so she could cohost one of the first panels of PAX, "2D Screen to a 4D World."  And if you weren't able to make it to PAX this year you can still watch the panel on Twitch.  This has given Tori a desire to do more panels, so don't be surprised if that is a recurring theme in the coming years.

Cosplay-wise this convention was fairly relaxed.  We had been hoping to finish some showpiece Overwatch cosplays for this convention, but with my work schedule and Tori's commission load we weren't able to finish them.  Tori did whip up some casual Overwatch cosplays for the two of us so it wasn't all repeat costumes.  We attended the Overwatch meet-up on Saturday, and Tori hosted the Borderlands meet-up on Sunday.

So, all in all, it was a fun convention.  It was good to see a handful of friends, even if it wasn't the absurd number that flew in last year.  Will we be back next year?  Probably, but whether or not it's for the whole weekend will depend on how many friends of ours also make it back.

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