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Origin: Original design inspired by DC Comics and Infinite Crisis

On the day of the nuclear conflagration Hawkman and Hawkgirl were flying a patrol over the city of St. Roch when a nuclear warhead targeted the city.  The concussive blast from the detonation threw them hundreds of miles away in different directions and greatly damaged them.  The Nth Metal that they were bonded to healed as much as it could, but having been weakened by the radiation it couldn't repair the wings that had been burned away.

Although leagues apart they each knew that the other was still alive; their eternal bond assured them of that much.  They didn't, however, know where the other had landed.  With wings gone and the country a wasteland they each set off on foot to search the wasteland for one another.  Fashioning crude wings out of whatever they were able to salvage, the weakened Nth metal continues to give them above-average strength, stamina, and the ability for limited flight.  Driven by love they wander the wasteland, helping those they come across in whatever way they can while searching for signs of their soul mate.

Inspired by the post-apocalyptic Atomic universe found in Infinite Crisis this original version of Hawkgirl will saw you in half with her Buzz Mace as soon as look at you.  The helmet is a modified motorcycle helmet; the armor is all foam; the skirt is made of leather and chainmail; the wings are sheet PVC painted to look like signs from fictional St. Roch; the Buzz Mace is MDF, PVC, Wonderflex, and a little bit of metal.

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